If Only Once Again

Wed, 03/05/2014 - 23:29 -- tyuio34


Round the corner again.

Walk 20 meters to your right.

Now go forward 15 paces.

Turn back. Look around. Feel the breeze.


Its warm. Could be called sunny even.

Sit down in the shade next to him. 

He likes it here where the light can't touch him

Where the rays can't remind us of the slow fading of summer

Where you both can sleep without distrurbance.

Don't wake him while he dreams.


Let yourself lie down in the cold grass

Just look up and stare at the old oak

with its ever shifting mirage of green on blue

the wind cradling it's folliage

playing it like a women running her hand across a piano

she moves subtly but with unnoticed intensity

the crecenado passes

and the wind has changed


As the last notes play

you sit up with a disturbing crunch of leaves

the boy that was next to you is long gone.

He faded with the sound of the mellow summer keys.


It's okay.

But you would have loved to change the music

To play that section of the breeze

If only once again.



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