Why God, Why?


The girl screaming down the street

As her brother lays on the unforgiving concrete

A pool of scarlet flows from the wound in his chest

She cradles his head as he breathes his last breath

She sobs and she cries

Why God, why?

Why did my brother have to die?


The girl backing up in the corner

She thought this time that it was over

No more pain, no more attacks

He knocks her over with a final smack

She whispers softly as she touches her face

Why God, why?

Why was I born a disgrace?


The boy walking home from the school

He asked himself how kids could be so cruel

Takes his father’s pistol and he hears their words



“Kill yourself nerd”

As he pulls the trigger he asks himself

Why God, why?

Why did you put me on a shelf?


The boy who downed forty-five pills

Thinks about all the times his blood was spilled

Sees his father’s face as he beats him black and blue

His mother’s warm eyes saying “it’ll all be over soon”

He closes his eyes and shouts to the sky angrily

Why God, Why?

Why did you let this happen to me?


Malicious people, actions, and thoughts

I’d change those things if I could

Without a second thought

No one would be sad or lonely or depressed

People would be happier,

At least, that’s my guess


No one would want to take their lives

Or scream up to the heavens

Why God, why?


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