The Unholy Souls

Gay. Faggot, Carpet muncher.


"You're Different"



They say my "kind" are unholy souls

They tell us our ways are wrong

Making us feel like we don't belong

Like we're inhumane

Because in the majority of society

It seems homosexuality is an abnormality

Because the Bible clearly states it's supposed to be Adam and Eve

Not Adam and Steve

But what makes your love so much more sacred?

So sanctified?

So holy?

Is it because the scriptures give it a stamp of approval?

The same scriptures that condemns you to the same fate as us

"Condemn not and thou shalt not be condemned"

You use the bible against us when it works to your advantage

Yet you turn away from it when it comes to your own sins

Using selective reading to support a theory upheld by hate

God did not intend for his written passages to be used to discriminate

So the next time you form your lips to spew words of Ignorance

Think of this


What if those words of hate were being spewed at your sister, brother, son or daughter

Day in and day out they endured the verbal slaughter

" You're disgusting. A Freak."

They've endured the abuse for so long and they've grown weak

Never told a soul "I'm fine" they lied

Even though they were slowly dying inside

Until one day... they give up on life

Cross around the neck, gun to the chest

The words fall from their lips: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I shall fear no evil

And as they pull the trigger they are filled with the sweetest bliss

As they are caressed by death's kiss

They are finally freed from the shackles of society's ignorance

Which constantly reminded them that being gay is not okay


They'd rather be dead then have to endure the pain 

of the words that were fired at them like bullets to the brain

Words of hate targeting them just because they were gay

So many empty spaces in their body that were filled with self hate

All they wanted was acceptance, to be open and free

From the discrimination and ridicule that has been repeated throughout history

Will you choose to repeat the mistakes of the past

ridiculing and treating us as second class?

Or will you choose to rise above society's hypocrisy and join our fight for equality?

Will you help us make a change?


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