what would you change?


- as i sit here waiting to come up with the decision of what i would change about myself, the world, or my community. then i noticed i never really had a answer, or just one answer to this question.

Tynesha, what would you change?

youre such a good writer, right?

so why is this so hard?

whats more important?

to change how Broken ive become! how i feel like i have nothing but my word, and word is bond, or how my mother was taken when i was 12.... and i still cant forget that day.... will i ever?


or maybe i would change how my generation doesnt know the true meaning of love and loyalty... how these two words are just twitter names and tattoos..... or would i change how money is the root of all evil and how one can have everything, But still mean nothing....


i could change how the grass isnt as green as it should, the sky isnt as blue as it use to be.... whats more important.....

Education Vs alcohol

love Vs Lust

to Grow and Progress Vs Cry and complain

Tynesha, this is what you do, this is what you're made  for....

communicate to the people using poetry. what would you change?

hey, maybe how technology is destroying the true value of communication.... as i take my pen and let the words control themselves...... i ask what wouldnt i change?


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