With many injustices this world is torn

With apathy its people do race

With malice the masses exploit the unalike, for being born

With a different-shaped face


With bitter cold sadness I watch all of this

With helplessness I wonder why

With all of our progress this hatred persists

With what means can I even try


To better this world, make it fairer and just

To make it worth living for all

To rid it of hatred and of greed and of lust

To have world peace once and for all


If I could change one thing, then it would be this:

I'd purge Earth of all those who seek but to harm

If every bigot would cease to exist

I'd certainly feel much more warm


But our world is not only intolerance and hate

I'll admit  I have been slightly dark

But we still have a long way to something great

Our citizens need but to hark


With everyone listening, all eyes and ears turned to a word

With which all can agree

A message to clear all confusion and stir

A message to make harmony


So closing this poem I've one good thing to write

In regard to the state of society

In looking back on this long human plight

We've come a long way latterly


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