I Would Change Today

Today it’s so hard to be different at all.

Today it’s so tough to be just yourself.

Today acceptance just doesn’t exist.

Today our lives are not our own.

Today we live to please and to satisfy.

The world is full of judging eyes and rude remarks.

Fleeting glances and high expectations.

I hope for a change and I long for a day

When it’s good to be different,

When it’s alright to be you.

I’d change the way the world sees.

I’d change the labels and the hate.

Imagine a world that’s hopeful and pure.

Imagine a place that’s accepting and kind.

Imagine happiness.

Imagine peace.

I dream of a world with happiness

And people who love themselves.

I want a world of respect.

You don’t have to like me

But please just accept me?


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