A Change Unspoken

There she sits peacefully among her peers

Not bothering a soul, peace should be with her.

But she holds imperfections to the Golden Ratio,

A quality rejected by society I remind you sir.

Such a trend will always stay,

Provoking the acts of unkind behavior

Namely those of crude verbal assault,

Self-confidence extinguished she requires a savior.


Across the world every nation struggles with bullying

An issue I’ve always wanted the power to change.

Too many take their lives when it just began

Those who are against it do nothing, how strange.

It’s my duty to provide them with a voice,

Their spirits need not to lay shattered.

They need their sense of comfort and safety

As their spiritual flags fly not broken, but tattered.


Today she casts off her chains of pain

No longer a slave to those in “reign.”



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