Change is Power, The Power to Change



What would I change?
It's quite simple you see,
The power to change,
Something I can be.
A boost in confidence,
Would that be too much to ask,
I don't see how,
To take risks and a chance.
I try and I will,
But this doesn't seem to help,
I want to be brave,
Instead of shy from help.
There is more inside me,
Somewhere deep inside,
Something better than me,
That always seems to hide.
The one thing I would change,
Is a small characteristic,
It isn't that hard to fix,
But I don't know if I can risk it.
The things I could do, 
with more confidence,
To stand up and fight,
Not hide behind a fence.
I put up a good front,
But what people can't see, 
Is that behind all this,
There is a coward in me.
Confidence can go a long way,
If I can let it out,
Nothing can slow me down,
And the sky is limitless.


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