Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun


Here comes the sun

So bright and luminous

It shines in the eyes of children all around the world,

playing on the playground as their world is in chaos.

So small and helpless,

they don't even know it's happening right now.

Smaller and smaller their innocence diminishes.

They get older with time and corruption.

They begin to understand


About politics, war, and why the world is so harsh.

The sun disappears from their eyes,

and they ponder.

Will this pain ever stop?

Will there ever be peace?


If only there was peace.

There’d be no more pain and suffering.

Love and compassion would fill hearts across the world.

Light would no longer only encompass their days,

But light would invade their nights.

Then they realize that’s the world they live in.

Agony and sadness plague their days and nights.

Only do their days pretend to be full of light.

Their view of life is reformed.

They went to sleep a child, knowing nothing,

and woke up knowing more than they ever wanted to.


Here comes the sun. 


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