"What would you change if you could change anything in the world?"

"End world hunger", says a poor boy on free lunches from his school district

"I would end the war in Iraq", says a teenage girl waiting for her  brother to come home

"I would make school not required at all", says a boy who is not accepted by his community

Of course everyone would love to change something

We are only human after all


What I want to change is something...

Something almost invisible to the eye

It's something that took me a long time to see myself


I want the world to smile more

That's what I wish to change

"That's impossible!"

"How are you going to do that?"


Be skeptical of me

It's laughable

But what you haven't noticed that I already have been changing that fact



Go ahead,

Gape at me

Shake your head

Call me liar if you like

But it's true

I have already started to change that fact

It's not difficult

It doesn't require money

Group rallies

Or even awareness campaignes

All I have to do

Is just one thing;



Go ahead

Cock your eyebrow

Look at me with suspision

Ask me what I'm smokin'

All it takes is just a smile

Smile every day

At every person you see

That's all

And, it's already working

That change my friends

Has already begun

As I smile unto you

To the people who pass me by

They too can smile

Perhaps not right at that moment

But later

Whether they know it

Or not

They have something to smile for


They will pass it on to some one else

And it will continue

That is what I AM changing in this world

It is what I wish to change

It's a constant duty,

But worth it

Because the smiles you give out

WILL be given back to you when you need them most

It will be a forever cycle

And free to all people

Smile's are equal

They are safe


I wish to change the world by making it smile more

I believe something that simple can make other changes too

Just wait and see