Happily ever afters

There would be no such things as guns.

In fact there would be no such thing as war.

Death would only be achieved by old age.

No one in this world would be called a liar, a bully, a cheater, a monster.

Crime would be a fantasy word that would have never existed.

Honest hard work would get just rewards.

And nobody would go hungry.

‘Poor” and “Rich’ would only be for the mineral content in food.

And everyone would speak the multiple tongues of their ancestors.

There would be no billboards telling people what they needed to be beautiful,

And little boys could cry in peace.

The doors to houses could stay open, for there is no boogey man that is waiting to sneak in.

Money does not exist, for everyone will have what they need.

And the sky and the water are as clean as can be.

This is something that we reach for, yet everyday get further and further from “possible.”

This is the days written in Eden’s walls

The days where the world followed the rules of Happily ever afters.


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