If the world were in the palm of my hands

And I was able to make one simple alteration

I would change society and its idea of perfection


I would implant the idea that perfection is not defined by a specific set of looks or by a specific life style into the world.

I would ensure that all people were aware that perfection is not a uniform idea,

That perfection is based on circumstance.

Perfection is based on person opinion and based on the individual person.


In the modern world, perfection is viewed as looking like the movie stars and making no mistakes, having no flaws.

But that is completely unrealistic and illogical.


Because we are human.

Mistakes and flaws are an unavoidable, tragic yet beautiful part of life.


How is it fair to judge each unique person in this world by the same scale?

It's not.

So why do we do it?

And why would we continue to do it given the choice?




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