A man sees another man.

The man endears the other man.

The men love one another.

*turns page*

The men are an abomination.


The father beats the child.

The father starves the child.

The child rejects his father.

*turns page*

The child cannot live long.


The mother always works.

The mother is always working.

The mother always works, but cannot save her children from the hunger.

The mother does not offer a tithe.

*turns page*

She will writhe in eternal fire.


A beautiful creature works for charity.

A beautiful creature works to inspire the sick and impoverished.

A beautiful creature loves everyone. 

A beautiful creature does not believe in God.

*turns page*

It will fall into the pit of everlasting torture.




*no more pages*

*no more pages*

*no more pages*


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