Calling for Change

When you think about change, what do you think about?

Changing yourself, others, your community, the world?

Media has come to make people want to change themselves.

It picks at people  and publicizes every little mistake.

I call for a change in media!

Who cares what the Kardashians are doing or that Lebron went back to Ohio?

All of the over publicization and needs to stop.

Let peoples private life be theirs. 

I call for a change in social media!

If 150 likes on instagram makes you feel good, so be it.

But, think about those girls who are striving to get those likes and change their bodies to do so.

Think about the girls who starve themselves or throw up just to be skinny.

They see pictures in magazines and wish they were on the cover.

But behind the scenes those stars on the cover are just humans like us.

Media has contorted their bodies into fractions of what they reallly look like.

They take away the fat, add on some boobs, and give the picture a nice tan.


Media needs to change!

Put the truth in the media, and the girls who feel the need to change for it will stop. 


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