So They Say

So They Say

Why be so greedy?

Why let that destroy you, destroy us 

This world revolves around money

Absurd how people are rich while others suffer from poverty.

Insane how others live it up while others fight for one sign of comfort

A curse people are forced to face

Being born in poverty; An unfortunate fate

So you complain about not having enough 

What exactly is enough?


That's where this leads, The basic of human needs

You watch people fight for a piece of bread

Poverty crying the loudest

Can you hear the screams?

Not having a home; A place you love

While you sit there complaining about not having enough

If this was all up to me; I'd change it all and make a difference

Become your guardian angel

So you ask me what would I change?

Greed, Poverty, Hunger

No one can make a difference by themselves

But together us all, putting in a small grain of our sand

Yes, you know we have the power to change this world; to change it all


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