Mi Hermanita


I look back at the pictures.

Her sparkling brown eyes seem to look straight back at me

As her contagious smile warms my heart for the millionth time.

I come across my favorite-

I am holding her and she is wrapping her tiny little arms around my neck.

We are all smiles and hold on as if we will never let go.

When I close my eyes,

I am back in Guatemala and she is in my arms again.

I cherish that moment as if it is real.

I wonder if I will ever get to see her again-

Mi "hermanita" preciosa.

My precious "little sister."

I am filled with a righteous anger-

Why does she have to be sick?

If I had one wish

And I could wish for one thing to change,

I would not wish for money

I would not wish for fame

I would not waste my wish on my own fleeting desires.

I would only wish for mi hermanita to be well-

To be a healthy little girl without a care in the world.


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