The Power Within


Some rose early , while others worked late into the night

But at the end of our day, whatever time that may be

We each must put our thoughts to bed,


The head may lie on soft down, 

The body may lie on just a mat of reeds

Through the night the heart may lie in pain

and the mind in a bed of infliction


Here we hope for rest, here we try to clear our minds

But here we are, after another long day, swimming in thoughts

We each try to make peace with the day and wait for sleep,


The head may be drowning in confusion

The body may be bruised  and broken

Through the night the heart races plains of fire

and the mind sails on an ocean of turmoil 


Regardless of who we are, or where we come from

We each carry a secret burden and hide away our pain

At night we must come to terms with the events of the day


The head reflects on wishes and dreams 

The body seeks quiescence if only for the night

Through the night the heart can finally escape her tears

and the mind can ease his questioning


By day we feel rejected and by night we feel lonesome

Every hour we neglect our purpose and stifle our true being

Each day we overlook our significance in order to make it though


The head casts away logic, and dreams

The body becomes hardened to innocence and youth

Through the night the heart forgets how to love

and the mind turns a blind eye to hope


Our years have turned our beings to stone

We have condoned our humanity, we have suffocated our life

Each day we sacrifice ourselves so we might make it though another day


The head is blank as it slips into unconsciousness, 

The body sleeps next to death,

Through the night the heart is numbed,

and the mind  hardens thoughts to crystal


We have neglected the person we were made to be,

We have wasted our existence by squandering our days,

Each day we choose to quelch our worth because we don't think we're good enough


The head wonders when courage will be found,

The body works to grow stronger

Through the night the heart decides to love again

and the mind fights for thought


We have ignored our hopes and dreams,

We justified our hurt and pain over the years,

Each day we choose to live in bondage of our insecurities


The head wakes up to boldness

The body prepares for growth

Through the day the heart finds hope and feels the warmth of love once more,

and then the mind finds freedom in expression of ideas once hidden away


We have wasted years from our life, but its not too late to start over

We were once discouraged and trapped in secret suffering

Each new day we must choose to live on, and look past the moonless night


The head has realized true satisfaction, and searches no more

The body finds beauty among the scars

Through life the heart heals and forgives

and the mind embraces live once again


We must remember we are more than the pain that plagued our hearts

We must work to overcome our fears, and we must find the confidence in who we are

Each new day we must stop and thank God for the power within


The head decides to help others discover who they are,

The body builds strength to persevere through more storms

Through life the heart embraces, hopes, and loves,

and the mind decides to make a change by sharing the simple power within












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