The Person Beyond The Face

With me, what you see is NOT what you get. Because what you see is a face full of REGRET.  Yet I didn't do anything WRONG, nothing at all really. But every night I dream about who I want to be IDEALLY. The TRUTH hurts and i'm an honest person, so i'm not gonna lie. I'll just PRETEND to take every insult with a grain of salt and try not to CRY. I've ALWAYS been the ugly duckling. NEVER thought I would amount to anything. No one EVER thought to ask how I feel. People NEVER wonder how I deal. Yeah i'm a SMART girl and i'm STRONG, i'll get over it. But I can tell you right now, i've had ENOUGH of it! This face isn't the face of a BEAUTY queen. But I shouldn't be AFRAID to have it seen. Trust me it's better looking than a few.....even though I WISH God spent more time on me, like he did you!


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