Change the Norm


They are always telling me to change. 
Change my hair, change my clothes, change my face because it doesn’t look "Perfect”. 

I am not who Society wants me to be. 
I wish I could change the way they see me.
It has taken me years to accept myself, years I cannot have back
I cannot erase the scars They left me

Society has tried so hard to make me into their ideal girl.
Buy these clothes, style your hair that way, cake on this much make up, talk about these things and swoon over those guys
Their girl is Superficial at best

I am not Society's girl.

Me? Superficiality makes me cringe.

Superficiality is the Norm, but it shouldn’t be. 
It is mind-altering and mentally damaging
Children are growing up thinking they have to be some version of Perfect,
Society's version of Perfect.
It is so hard to live up to Society’s Expectations

Am I being unfair, to think this shallow of Society?
Are you rolling your eyes at my ignorance?
Then let Ignorance be the Norm.

I want Unique to be the Norm.
Spirited to be the Norm.
Quiet, Intriguing, Imperfect, Confident, 
Strong to be the Norm

Someone once told me to 
Be the change I want to see in the world.
I will be the change and
"Just be yourself" will be the Norm.


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