Together and Alone

Tue, 03/25/2014 - 00:53 -- Poemy

The world in a perpetual state of distraction;

Ever looking for the main attrition.

A man searching  for reality amid this cacophony 

cannot help but feel futility.


Here today we stand:

Together and Alone,

In a crowd and on a phone.

What bizarre creatures we are,

backs turned on truth,

we leave this world broken and aloof.


Any commercial or pop-up

is bound to create a mental bock-up.

Separated by the media meant to connect us.

Killed by the lies that were meant to protect us.

Boxed in solitude.

Dissolve you pointless walls

making mazes of endless halls!


But do not despair, 

if you boil down the lies 

truth is still there,

if only a smidgen, a thread or a hair.

Pull upon that fragile thread 

for you will find a spider's web.

sticky, unpleasant and frightful

but I find this truth to be rather delightful.

The message in it weaved,

"You are never alone, don’t be deceived"


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