Failing in Failure


A system of organized conformity.

Students rush from class to class.

Girls in skirts, guys in pants.



Students listen,




But they don't learn.


3 hours of school left.

3 hours of homework to do.


They take test after test.

Another test tomorrow,

Another night of insufficient sleep.

All the work,

And sleepless nights,

For larger tests.

For nationwide standardize tests.

Tests in those subjects the teachers cram in the students' heads,

When their heads are already full.

So much information,

Too little space.


The teenagers grow, but not fast enough:


But that's an excuse,

Get to work.

Study hard.

Be mature.

Be an adult.

Take responsibility.


Their parents say:

Sleep, sleep, and do not forget to sleep.

Sleep after they finish working,

Soccer practice


Doing homework,


Preparing for their future,

And enjoying high school.

Sleep after they make a list of all they need to do.


The teenagers' career, income, house, children, life, and entire future,

Will depend on their actions today.


Their future,

Always one step ahead of them.

They must begin planning,

It is never too early,

But it is always too late.


A system that tests all their limits.

A system that's been present for years from the past.

This system that fails too many students,

Needs to change.


The students sprint from class to class.

She wants to wear pants.

He wants to wear shorts.



The teachers teach only one way.

Only few learn.

The rest stay unengaged,

Without motivation,

Expected to work for the system,

That does not work for them.


To personalize education is to motivate, engage, and pass students.

"Tradition" and "For the best"

Will not always go together.


Everyone sees the issues,

But nobody moves.

The students, parents, teachers, and the legislative,

Simply watch students fail,

In the failing school system of today.





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