If We Could Change

The world is not the same anymore

everything now twists, everything now turns

with all the new technology we the people are not the same

we care less and blame more

hateful things are shouted from the steps in front of church doors

there are no more no ma'ams and yes sirs

there is only I do what I want because why not?

so if I could change one thing, just one thing

i would change the people

change the way we are

no more bullies no more hateful comments no more hurtful words

respect and politeness would find their way back into the voice of the people

common curtesy would come back to life and common sense would rule once more

we can advance without losing ourselves

we can move forward without leaving pieces of ourselves behind

all I want is for kind words to be exchanged and for truths to be spoken

if I could change anything I would change us


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