War for Peace, Peace for War

Mon, 03/10/2014 - 20:17 -- Vonnva

It is our country's disagreement

that furthers our environment,

of homes without fathers, sisters, sons

that are away, fighting for some

peace between the nations,

but it was our leaders' own decisions

that have brought us to the place

where there is not a trace

of love between our countries,

not a shred of peace.

The screams for orders

and the shouts of demands

can be heard across the plain

through the hurt and through the pain

soldiers still respond with

devotion and full grit,

even though their comrades are

far, far, far, away

from the light of the day

that plays through the toil and the fray.

Some awake from the night,

fraught with terror and filled with fright,

from nightmares stemmed from realities

of war and blood and screams

belonging to their fellow army men

who did not achieve accomplishment

from the fields and deserts where

they thought to themselves,

"What would you change?"

I would erase the fighing pain.


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