The Pleas and Cries of The Afflicted...


We can only give to others

What we give to ourselves

But do we ever give to another

Safety from that which dwells?


We are born and told

That we should help those in need

In a world so cold 

Where they've exhausted their pleas


Sometimes we just can't be there

For everyone when convenient

But some don't even care

Or believe that's how their time ought to be spent


I would want one change

For people to see the value

And cost of pain

Of the endeavors that people go through


For people to work alongside each other

Or at least put an effort

To save someone’s sister or brother

From all the pain and hurt


I don’t ask for perfect harmony

I don’t even ask for people change their ways

Just for people to act courageously

When in fact, others just walk away


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