Heal My Choking Throat

Here I am—

Hiding behind poetic words,

Hating that I’m afraid to speak audibly.

Here I am—

Hearing my voice in silence,

Hoping these words will speak for me.

Here I am—

Halting tongue, flying fingers,

Happy with me, except for one quality.

Here I am—

Holding on to old crutches,

Hearing the creak of a worn-out apology.

Here I am—

How long will I choke on words,

Hedging around topics I see as too tricky?

Here I am—

Help me change, help me grow.

How can I let words keep dying inside me?

Here I am—

How long will I lie to myself?

Who says I can’t state my views bravely?

Here I am?

Here I am.



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