From the Inside Out

The world tries to sell girls a plethora of lies:

“You’re too fat.” “You’re too short.” “He’ll think you’re ugly.”

Please, don’t put on a social disguise.


Piles of eyeliner, hair dye, lipstick, and blush

Unfortunately abused to cover up your natural beauty.

Please, don’t overdo your makeup—nope, not even for a crush.


There is no good reason for a girl to ever feel

Like she needs to look like a celebrity, a TV star, a fashion model.

Please! Those Photoshopped bodies aren’t even real.


Feel good in your own skin, in your body.

You don’t need the hipster v-necks, the skinny jeans.

Please, don't fit in; modern trends can be pretty gaudy.


Cup size A or dress size sixteen,

Your shape and size don’t amount for your personality.

Please, don’t be discouraged, beauty queen.


Your beauty is unrepeatable and irreplaceable.

You are truly radiant from the inside out.

Please, don’t let anyone make you think you are effaceable.


If no one’s ever told you this in verse,

Something you must desperately be told,

Please, let me be the first:


You are gorgeous in your own skin.

Your true beauty comes from within.


Boys, grades, and bad hair days don’t define you.

Don’t let anyone or anything make your self-worth go askew.


You are worthy of authentic love and all of your dreams.

Believe that you really are beautiful, and no one can dim your self-esteem.




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