would or will?


9th grade. First day.

"What would you change?"

"Well sir I would like everyone to be free."

"But how?"

14 years old. Tempted by freedom.

Now 18 years old. And dedicated to the cause.

So what would I change?


I'd give our sisters, our mothers, our aunts and grandmas,

I'd give women the freedom to walk the streets.

I'd give our brothers, our fathers, our uncles and grandpas,

I'd give men the freedom to cry.

I'd take the iron chains of capitalism and bury them in a vault,

I'd give the people back to the people.

I'd take the black clouds of depression,

I'd give back a ray of light.

I'd take the blood from the streets and the ashes from our homes,

I'd give the people the peace they deserve.


It's all a matter of give and take. Give one thing, take another.

Take away the bad, and give back the good. 

I can't erase the pain, but I can turn it into something good.

I can change it into something better.


So the better question for that first day would have been,

"what will you change?"

Well, sir, I'll change everything.



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