Slam the Bullies Right Back


No freedom.

You have committed the worst crime in their eyes.

Being different is a sin.

You don't think like them.

Positive happiness is in your every thought.

That isn't allowed around here.

You must think the same miserable thoughts as them.

You don't look like them.

You have that pep still in your step.

Wearing that smile that others wouldn't think of doing.

Surrounded by ignorance.

If looks could kill, trouble would arise.

You are the outcast.

They are the enemies.

Welcome to the game.

They watch your every move.

Corner you.

Trick you.

It's a live chess match.

Down to the ground you go.

No way to move.

Criticisms are shouted.






Get up unphased.

Run as fast as you can.

It was just today.

Tomorrow will be better.

Sun goes down and right back up as if it never left.

Back on the quad.

They're back.

Everyday becomes the same.

Repetition, Repetition.

Like an assembly line.

Weeks pass.

Those positive thoughts have transformed into negative annoyances.

The pep in that step becomes the dragging of feet.

That million dollar smile has vanished.

There is no more hope in those once ocean blue eyes.

Gray gloom of clouds take over.

Mouth becomes sewn shut.

Speaking is foridden.

Limbs attatched to strings.

Follow the rules.

Do as you are told.

Your skin becomes glass.

Breaking point is near.

Daily punishment is coming up on the clock.

Surrounded once again.

Losing the game as predicted.


Fight back.

Break free.

Don't give in.

Time seems to go in reverse.

Hope is everywhere.

Show the enemies that the heroes win in the storybooks.

You are a hero.

You must save yourself before anyone else.

Look at you now.

You are beautiful.

You are smart.

You are strong.

You are worth the world.

Free yourself.



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Finally! This a poem about bullying that I can agree with! I've read through too many of these that simply repeat the same old sad story about giving up and giving in. Yours reflects my strong opinion of fighting back, and I really appreciate that.

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