Wait Until You Are Willing

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 16:47 -- cobra25


You hear the words and you smell the cologne

It draws you deep because you don't want to be alone.

His words are like the calm wind in the spring

He just wants sex; Your heart doesn't mean a thing.

His patience keep dropping while your emotions are building

No need to rush; Just wait until you are willing.


Too many pregnant teens out on their own

Working hard to fight for a loan.

Welfare is the only help

No help with come from anyone else.

Family members are always making whispers

None of them wants to be the listener.


You meet another guy and he might be better

You give him your all and hope it lasts forever.

In his mind, you just seem easy

No love no truth; just lines that are cheesy.

Once again your emotions start building

He leaves; Just wait until you are willing. 


Sex will always be there teenagers

Wait for the man you know will love you forever.

Pregnant at 18 or less is not the best

Don't become a statistics; Be above the rest.

Your reputation, your goals, your own apartment building

You can achieve all this if you just wait until you are willing!

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