I look at the world I was thrust into

Those before me have left me with a burden of a debt

And the wounds of war

They tell me not to worry,

They tell me that they are not the enemies

They tell me that they are honest

But they go behind my back

And leave me clueless


The land of the free and the home of the brave

Faith in this illusion will make you a slave


Change this country

Change its way of handling its wallet

We are no longer in control

They let the wealth “trickle down”

till it reaches us

they make us fight for the last drops

to suckle from the bosom of big business

till we are nothing but infants

unable to stand on our own


When they have us begging

They blame our suffering on others

Accuse others of doing what we

Have done to ourselves for too long

How many sons

How many daughters

How many fathers

How many need to be lost until we realize that were wrong


There needs to be a change

A change in the way we live

People need to inform themselves

People need to learn

People need to get back to working

People need to act with integrity

People need to go back to being human as well as Humane


I want to make the world think

I want to make the world learn

I want to make the world talk

I want to make a lasting change so that my children can live in a world without troubles


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