The Mirror's Words

She looks in the mirror and he tells her things.

He says she is ugly, fat, disproportional, and scarred.

“No one can ever love you,” he reminds her.

“You are too ugly.”


She cries every day after her conversations with the mirror,

But she knows he only speaks the brutal truth.

“What you and I see is what you get. You can’t change the reflection.”

Mirrors can’t lie after all, but why can’t the truth be pretty?


All she wants is to change how she looks,

But all I want is to change her mind – to make her see.

I see much more in her than she sees in herself.

I see all of her as a piece of work, better than the piece she sees.


If she could only see the reality,

She would realize that she is beautiful.

She has a big heart, an open mind, and an honest mouth.

She is supportive and friendly and generous and even selfless.


She doesn’t understand why the mirror speaks rudely.

She says he only speaks the truth.

She can’t understand how she can be so unlucky.

If she could see what I see, she would find the irony.


I wish I could change how she sees the reflection staring back at her,

Because of all the people who have searched into the reflection I show,

She is one that I love to see.

Her beautiful reflection cries back to her.


I talk to her every day.

But all she hears are lies I have never said.

I try anyway and say over and over again,

“You are beautiful in every way.”

But she doesn’t listen to the mirror, only her head.


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