A Changing World - A Sestina by Eliyahu

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 23:46 -- egib

If there was one thing I could change

I would make a world of peace

Bound together by hope

That we shall live with those we love

And they shall not leave us for useless wars

The flags that wave around the world, white.


Skin colors black and white

No judgement, the world changing

No battles, no war

Nations living together in peace

To be with the ones that we love

And share our dreams and hopes.


And as we live with hope

All that matters is the white

That represents a world of love

In which everything has changed

Into a blissfull peace

After the centuries of war.


Abandoned by the thing we knew, war

To rebuild and preserve, our only hope

To live peacefully

From centuries ago, where white

Ruled, now has come change

And brother live, and together love.

The world shall become lovely

When it is not ravaged by war

And only then shall smothly come change

Brought in by the new hope

The purity of the flag that is white

And born from the seeds of peace


The whole world at peace

Together as one, a true love

For the difference of black and white

Has dissapeared with the wars

And the world can live as one with hope

And poeple can go along and with it change


The white flag of innocence and peace

Cause changes, no violence just love

War is gone, and what never dies is hope.


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