The Pursuit of Truth


The pursuit of truth


When I ask my mom, were you crying?

She lies

I ask dad if he drank all the money

He lies

When I ask my friend, did he hurt you?

She lies

When they ask about my scars

I lie

When people need help and are hurting

They lie

When helpers are asked if they're helping

They lie

Businesses lie about money, and businesses lie about business

Women lie to men, the same with men to women

Governments lie to people so people lie to governments


For my son

I would like to change the minds of those who think lying is so great

They are

Barred inside

The worlds they fabricate

Worlds that cannot deeply connect to one another

They are

Exiled outside the walls of reality

Enforcing unfounded and unwritten laws upon each other

Its unwarranted judgment

It’s dishonest gain

It’s nothing more than a coping mechanism

They are

Content with the ends

Deeming the means justified

They give consent, they don't bat an eye

Locked in chains and mummified

Embalmed and preserved by their own lies

To stand in place until they die

But when life is a lie

Life is not life

I would like to change their minds.

And redeem the truth

For this son of mine


I've heard, that the truth will set us free.



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