Robin Hood

Mon, 03/31/2014 - 11:32 -- dulcis

i want to steal from the rich
find where all the loveliness hides
and put it into people's bones
because they have particles of beauty
in their blood.

and they forget it 
grows in their eyes
eyelashes are sprinkled with amazing
and we've given up on them
thought positivity would neutralize
the negativity, but it doesn't
and it won't.

see we've been put down so that it's numb
that every fiber of glass would hurt nothing more than
flesh and a few empty thoughts
but it doesn't bleed like words do. 
blaming others won't heal the broken wounds.

see, i want to find what makes a person spark
like fireworks in the night sky
booming proudly and loudly
i want to find their hearts that are buried underneath
all the crumpled lies and broken souls.

because we're all trying to survive, 
and if i have to be robin hood and steal a bit of someone's wealth
to help someone stay alive
then i might. 

because, someone deserves happiness.
just like everyone else. 



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