If I Could Rule the World

If I had just one day

24 hours in time

a single day to rule to world

what would be on my mind?

I would want to make a difference

change the world that I see

make it a better place

for everyone I meet.

Maybe first I'd tackle hunger

give everyone a good meal

ensure that we're all on our feet

and poverty is no longer real.

Next I'd jump to education

where I'd have to put up a fight

to have a good school for everyone

for the system to finally be right.

Curing disease would be on my list

for it's something that needs to be done

from cancer and aids to ADD

it would benefit everyone.

With 23 down and one hour to go

I'd give everyone equal rights

so we all can be free to love who we love

without having to put up a fight. 

I know that I can't do this on my own

and not all in just one day

but overtime I know that we can

together as the human race.



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