What are taxes?


The mornings pass like dominos,

falling faster with momentum

Growing up, growing old,

P.S. I'm not trying to be sentimental

I'll be an adult, fit into the mold

Keeping a job, making decisions, maybe even be mental


But there's one thing I just don't know

The most important part of being an American

What do they say? Death and Taxes?

I should listen better then,


My mom sits hunched over her shoe box

Filled to thebrim wtih white enveloped "bills"

But if she doesn't send them,

she says she'll go to jail.


What does that mean? Those simple files?

Can take innocent people to prison?

As a child, I just don't understand

And I wish that i could change that


In school they teach me about photosynthesis

Over, and over, again.

Learning PE, English, literature

But never about the one thing I have to send


When I grow up and graduate, I'll eventually be on my own

No family to teach me, no hand to hold

Yet nobody taught me the rules.


They told me not to steal, not to lie

Not to murder, and to be kind

But they never taught these "taxes"

Did they think it was easy? Did they not have time?

While i was twiddling my thumbs in my classes?

They cry and complain about "death and taxes", But

don't teach me how to make it better.


They don't teach me what to do!

Leaving me alone, and scared to send these letters

"Just sign here, and here this is a W-2"

but, WHAT! They didn't teach me this in school.

They don't teach me the fundamentals of being American,


Those adults, they've got it right my opinion doesn't matter.

Because each time I ask a question, about these Taxes

They say, "You'll learn when you're older."




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