Why don't you stop and stare?

Then you'll realize not everybody cares.. 

it's sad really. People are blind

Blind to the fact that the lady sitting a table behind them suffered from depression

The teenager trying to make a living has been raped and mentally abused

Some do realized, some try 

In the end, it's up to those who are crying..... help

" Hi Miss, are you okay?" 

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you"    --- No i'm not fine

"Hi Son, i heard you been doing better"

"Yeah I am!" --- All i think about is killing myself"



I ask people to care. 

To watch what you say because sometimes you may cause more damage than you have intended to.

To say " Hi! I've been thinking about you' 

To smile

To laugh

Write a thank you note to your favortie teacher or coach

To say I love you

To say I believe in you

To spread positivity


..... because sometimes that's all it takes to build a cure, to help the world heal.

for Blindness.


Need to talk?

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