''The melody inside her heart.''

The stage is brightly lit;

All eyes focus on her.

She's daintily astonished by the enormous crowd;

A feeling of excitability is felt by her heart.


She begins to think about a beautiful melody;

Her mom's voice is all she hears.

The music is wind, and she a tall slim tree.

She sways to the impassioned sounds.


She slides up near the crowd;

As her cue slightly appears.

The moment arrives and she begins to smile;

Her mom was watching her from the crowd, she notices.


 The strings of her soul and the melody of her heart;

Blend together in the cool air night.

She begins her performance without having in mind,

That it was the last one her mom would ever watch.


She performed like never before;

Tears of happiness stroked down her face.

There was a melody playing inside her heart,

That kept her from doubting and falling back.


For a moment it stays quiet;

She runs away, carried by a breeze.

Silence of wonder and hushed amazement;

Then, thunderous applause!


Her mom who waited outside;

Proudly hugged her and wouldn't let go.

The little girl didn't know what was going on;

When suddenly the screams of an ambulance woke her up.


Her mom left a note saying:

''You looked beautiful out there tonight.''


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