I Would Start With Me

I tend to be a poor friend,

Wanting all on my side,

Terrified to have an enemy,

I simply have no pride.

Insincere acceptance,

Fighting for approval,

Unrealistic expectations,

None of which are truthful.

I talk poorly about so many,

My self-esteem is so low,

I rely on outsiders’ blessings,

In hopes my integrity shows.

I know what kind of person I am,

I care too much about what others think,

The moment I am looked down upon,

My heart will instantly sink.

Changing my ways seems simple,

To be honest, to be true,

For some that might be easy,

but for me it's hard to do.

I've been this way for far too long,

A challenge in how to change,

Its like being confined in a prison,

Or locked in a cage.

On the pursuit to be a better person,

Improving myself as a friend,

For every action comes a reaction,

My habits must now end.

To all those I have belittled,

To anyones feelings I've crushed,

To so many people I've done wrong to,

And bad sides that I have touched:

I want to say I'm sorry,

To anyone l I have done wrong,

For those I've looked down upon,

Or haven't spoken with in so long.

I'm sorry for all the bad times,

Or pushing you around,

I'm sorry for calling you conceited,

While, you’re just shy in a crowd.

But mostly, I'm sorry for my dishonesty,

Untrustworthy and conniving,

I'm sorry for bringing any of you pain,

by backstabbing, diminishing, or lying.

Despite the world’s corruptions,

Underlying and those we see,

If i could choose what to change in the world,

I would start with me.
















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