Greater Than Ourselves

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 03:39 -- gabby5


The capability of having the right amount of distance between Earth and sun keeps us alive.

The fact that we haven't been hit by a neighboring planet should make us wonder with awe.

If it wasn't for our atmosphere, then we would have died of cold or been hit by other matter.

How are we so lucky?

Why are we the only living things in this ever-expanding universe?

How could we have a self-entitled idea of the human race, when we are a grain of salt along the Pacific Ocean? Insignificant. 

How do we know we're not the only ones?

With just a misalignment, we could be hit by massive debris in our galaxy.

But we're still here.


How is it that this planet has the best elements to keep us alive?

Why us? 

Is there more to life than a mansion on a hill or a fancy car or retirement?

What happens when we obtain all that? 

When we check off all the things on our bucket-list, what else should we look forward to?

After we've accomplished all that we have wanted, what then?

Is all life just about accumulation of materials and experiences?

Where do we go when we didn't get a chance to say our last good-byes?

There has to be more, there has to be an explanation, not just a how. 

There has to be more than the newest musician or trend, reaching beyond the superficial waters of whatever money buys. 

If life is just learning to die, what do we do before then? 

What happens to me when I am no longer here? Where do I go? Where does my spark go?

Religions and philosophies can explain, but can they show me? Can they guarantee it?

Are all the institutions and norms in this society just a sad distraction from our ultimate fate?

I cannot change my ultimate end, but I can change the attitude of my time before death. 

I cannot do more than to encourage others to think critically about their own existence. 

And if I can change anything in this world it would be to continue asking, "What does it mean to be human?" And have others do the same. 

Understanding that no one leaves space and time alive, 

What kind of human will you choose to be in the meantime?



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