He is a pawn. The boy with the sharp silver glasses who is too afraid to speak up in class. The boy who dreads waking up in the morning at 7:25am because he knows that school will only cause misery and  incubate his alienation. The boy is attacked with pointed objects that flare out of the enemies mouth. It is precise and the object arouses pain over the boys chest, particuary on his left side. The boy's friends laugh in desperation not wanting to give him the hint that they care, but more or less to fit in with the enemies that keep hurling their objects from the over exaggerated holes on each visage, each more grusome than the next. The boy just sits and suffers.

His veins are ice cold by noon. The enemies are quiet now and the boy sits quietly on an elated chair where the enemies grab their food and water, an energy source for hate and antipathy, The boy stares at his battered plate of mashed potatoes. They're coming for him. He knows.

By 3:00 the boy is laying by the trashcan bloody nose and tired eyes, he picks himself up as he withers away as if wanting to get swept up by the wind for a better tomorrow.

By 6:00 the boy is crying on his bed as the drums get louder and louder,  and screams and yells of desperation come out of a dead mouth in the room next to his.

By  9:00 the boy is contemplating his descision, but it simply goes from a decision to an action in his head, and as the drum beats louder the boy is now sure.

By 12:00 the boy is dead. Brought down by the countless piles of hurtful words that the kids in school where too oblivous to notice. Brought down by the endless arguing of his parents whom's only desire was to make his life inhabitable at home as it was in "the sanctuary" school was suppose to be. Brought down by the calamity that is mindkind and its invaluable efforts to change the perspective on bullying in school, or any place where it may presume. He fought back like a gallant warrior, but even the best of warriors are still boys hoping for someone to come save them, until they finally realize they can only save themselves.


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