Taking the Easy Way Out


We look for solace in bottles and pills,

Temporary fixes for paying our bills

Because a permanent change takes too long and we're lazy.


We're greedy and spoiled,

Undignified and disloyal

Decisions based on the praise

Never want to disappoint, and too entangled to change


Always searching, an interminable quest

Disappointed with the results, there's always unrest

Innately curious, but never satisfied

If we want happiness, why must we aim so high?

We run until our legs abandon us and then take a train

We, the Master Manipulators, will always find a way

Why do we drink, because we like the way it feels?

How long can we run until our problems are no longer real?

Escape, Escape, take the weekend off

You deserve a break after how hard you've fought

To slay the dragons inside our souls

When will you ever be secure enough to hand over the remote control?


The world - it's dark, cold, and screwed up

we rationalize our illegitimacies and say we no longer give a fuck

Easier to follow impulse than resist temptation

Follow what's trending and slam all hesitation

When opportunity knocks and you set the bar high

You know you'll want more, so why even try

Things are better existing as thoughts in your mind.


If you could alter society, make them see that they're strong

Strong enough to walk away from the pack and admit that we're wrong.

If the world can change just once single entity,

Face its fears and establish its own identity

People wouldn't have such inner turmoil

Lies would disintegrate, friendships would actually remain loyal

If people had the ability to believe

That conformity is wrong, individuality succeeds,

then maybe the world would rotate a bit quicker,

For its land would be filled with a society far richer

And happier.

If its mindset could change.



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