Unspoken Words


Today a boy will fall down unconscious
his trembling form on the bathroom floor
one hand clutching tight a bottle
filled with little white exit signs
which promise no more aching pain
and the other clawing at his throat
filled with words yet to be formed
Today a girl will scream soundlessly 
fragile arms held up trying to hide 
the rivers that flow down the purple hills
below her swollen eyes and swirl downwards
past lips bruised shut by a man named father
bruised so tight that the words won't come
when her teachers begin to ask questions
Today a mother will be laid inside a coffin
a women once thought to be filled with the sun
glowing bright through the cracks in her teeth
as her lips curved up in a smile that would leave
the shape of the crescent moon breathless with envy
but inside the women was actually harboring black
ink filled words that could not find their way out
Today a father will shed the ribbons holding 
the life source of his beating heart together
he is mourning, confused, and hopelessly lost
trying to understand why his child is gone
in his hands is a sheet laced with foreign letters
shaping words that never tried to reach his ears
when he could have stepped in and helped
Today and tomorrow and the day after
the world will keep on mourning the loss 
of lives that had potential to grow beautiful
like the blossoming flowers after the rain
lives that were lost because our people 
haven't been taught that all it will take
to save lives is to free the unspoken words
Someday I will stand tall, proud, strong, alive
before a crowd of beautiful faces turned upward 
all haunted and shaped by their past demons
and I will do what should have been done before
I will open my mouth and teach these souls
that their mouths are weapons carved by the gods
and their unspoken words are the demons kryptonite


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