Fear is...


A Cloud

Who looms on the horizon, threatening to blot out the sun

Or the moon

Or the stars

Or Heaven itself

Ever-present, ever unplanned,

It will always be there, always close at hand


A Fire

Whose smoke blots darkness so that it fills its victim's eyes

Or heart

Or mind

Or dreams

A shadow on the wall, a shiver down the spine

It makes worries and doubts of past and present intertwine


A Monster

He thrives in darkness and torments you from beneath the bed

Or with demeaning words

Or in the kitchen with another bottle of bourbon

Or condemning thousands to die for the hell of it

With his hand holding back your writhes and screams

He stifles your freedom and stifles your dreams


A Feeling

The worst of them all

It feeds off of you and makes you feel that you're being watched

Or followed

Or drowned

Or dead

Steered in a direction you involuntarily take

It will strip you bare and beat you until you break


Fear is a storm, a fire, a monster, a feeling

And were I Fear's keeper,

The clouds would thin

The fire would dim

The monster would forever be slew

And the feeling would nevermore inhibit you




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