Children are the future!!!


21,000 every day

14 every minute

1 every four seconds

one CHILD dies every four seconds!




preventable diseases

silent killers!


lack of improved sanitation

lack of routine immunization

lack of prenatal and postnatal care

lack of life!


CHILDREN die in obscurity

their last gasps of life

no one knows about

no one knows to care!


too much pain to show the world

too much suffering for normal lives

too few viewers so lower ratings

too few advertising so no media coverage!


people needs to know

people needs to care

people needs to do

people needs to help these CHILDREN survive!


one CHILD survives, the whole lineage survives

one CHILD grows up, reciprocates and improves lives of others

produces ripple effect

generates compassionate, tolerant, cooperative atmosphere


mutual benefits for ALL!



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