Need to Pee


Triangles or Rectangles

I can never decide...

My brain says I'm male 

     My body....too bad you are still a girl

The struggle everyday

    What do I choose?

Confused, I turn around and would rather wait for my home

Public Restrooms strike back reality

     All eyes on me...

          Is that a boy or a girl?

I want to change and be a boy....but I am different.

I don't need to change myself for society! 

   Our culture needs to change!

      I want to feel comfortable when I go pee

           standing or sitting

Change brings resistance from the fearful

    Fear me not for I am human just like you

         I just have to pee and the gender binary of this world judges whether I go right or I go left

            People think they know my story but,

                that needs     to     change

      I am Benjamin. I am boy!

Restrooms are necesties that need to change to their original non-binary state!

All I want is to go pee in peace. 


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