The Time Line

It has been described as a record of existence

How long something is present or how long it wasn't.


Time is both the past, and the future, and the present,

Escalating at a constant rate that alters not.


Therefore, time does not fly, 

Nor can we feel forever.


But what if today was yesterday and today was tomorrow?

If today was the day you died and the day you were born?

I could be celebrating my birthday or mourning a loss.


I'd look back at my watch.

It reads three.

Then I turn the corner, and it is noon.

I recently bought expired milk,

then poured it in my glass to find it fresh.

My garden died,

So I potted the plant and poured water down its bright red petals.

I visited death once,

Now I send postcards to his P.O. box.


Time is but a fabric that I decided to tailor to myself.

Sometimes I like to have it shortened,

But then I do like flowing fabrics.

And even with the most popular styles,

I find myself falling for the dated trends.

Of course when inspiration strikes me,

I set the trends, 

However I never change the material

And be careful to iron out all the unappealing wrinkles.

Anything less then the manufactured quality is unacceptable.



This is honestly beautiful. Thought provoking and very well written!


Thank you!

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