Eye see you

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 15:44 -- Tanssia

Take my eyes away and blanket me in darkness

the world of color doesn't just belong to artists. 

I never knew blue or red or yellow

what is this black you speak of fellow?

It just is what it is, I cannot describe, for I do not know

your terms are unfamiliar and mine alien aglow.

Take away the sight of the world

and I wonder if we can all stumble around together, hearts curled

in the sensation of touch.

Let's link hands, and allow minds to clutch

onto this beautiful judgement unbased on appearance.

First impression looks no longer an inteference. 

Will the words disgusting, dirty, ugly, poor

still be sown in Earth's pasteur?

I wonder maybe hopelessly but desperately, I dream

that one day people can look past the thick glasses, broken skin, and acne cream

and find the girl that loves to run, to laugh, and just be friends.

past the dark made up face of the guy garbed in black and red contact lens

and see that his love for animals grew from a lack of accepting human hands. 

The grandma at the corner of the street, the kids making up dream bands, 

the neighbor four doors down, but most importantly

that person that defies normalcy

that person you never talk to that gives you pause

just because--

excuses, lies

close your eyes, strip away your woes

and just say, "Hello."





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