Love me Not

The word Love is so outdated. (I adore your very being)

Overused (you are an amazing person)

Overwhelming (you inspire me to reach for my goals)

and still Overabused. (don't ever leave me)

Why would you say "I love you" to a person that enchants you, worships you, or even would die for you? (your presence in this world is important)

Three words?! Absolutely not. I'll never say "I love you."  (I want you here)

You don't mean it if you actually say it. (you always know what to say)

Really, you don't. Why? Because no one has the nerve to speak with an honesty so pure that heaven and hell collides. You can be honest. But you can't mean it if you say it.

(stay here with me)

Don't you dare say "I love you." Even saying "I'm in love with you" means nothing until you prove it. They say "actions are louder than words," so say "I love you" through the way you touch, smell, taste, hear, and see.

(You are a glorious human being and what you do is astounding to me. Your eyes sparkle when your passion is achieved. Your eyes inspire me.)

I will never say I love you. And don't say you love me, too.

(Stupid, I need you with me. Haven't you realized that?)



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