We are Human

We are Human


Humans are imperfect







we will all sin

we will all suffer corruption

we will all use judgements

we will all be selfish

but we will NOT all

feel superior


I am white

I am smart

I am talented

I have friends


I do not have friends

nor am I talented

or smart

BECAUSE I am white;

I just am


I see faces

faces that make me feel





but I do not see

faces with color

faces with religion

faces that have sex


I see faces

of humans

humans that feel

like any living creature


and so I ask, dear world,

why is a white face

more important than a brown one?

or a christian

better spirited than an atheist?

or a heterosexual

more loving than a homosexual?



so talk to me

discover my intelligence

my talents

my fears


pass your human judgements

choose who to spend your time with

but do not

judge my differences

until you know me


Because you will sin

you will corrupt and be corrupted

you will pass judgements

you will possess greed


you are not superior

you are but a face

one that is human



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